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Household brands around globe trust Toluna with their survey needs

  • Professional surveys and short-term online communities can be designed and launched in minutes
  • Data collection begins immediately, with advanced analysis capabilities available in real-time
  • Gain insights 10x faster than traditional research methods
  • Automated solutions enhance the new product development process


An all-in-one survey platform with advanced survey features, including filtering and customization

The ability to launch short-term online communities right from the same login

Saves you time with a suite of automated solutions such as concept testing, package testing and shelf testing

Let’s you reach your precisely targeted audience in real time - no matter where they are in the world with 200+ targeting options to choose from and real-time feasibility

Includes easy-to-use advanced analytics and visualization. Data is available in real-time, c-level reports and infoboards are exportable with the click of a button


Customer Testimonials

The QuickSurveys survey went really well last night we completed in about half an hour. The pitch team was so mesmerised at how the system works that I had a huddle of them round my desk at 9.30pm last night watching the results come in real-time. I just love it! Kirsty H.
Head of Insight, RAPP
The survey platform was incredibly easy to understand and program. The support was very helpful and timely. Genevieve B.
Director, Consumer Market Research
The Pros: The speed, Question flexibility, Instant access to data,Ease of recruiting, Real-time dashboard that shows data coming in The Cons: What's not to like? I'm really trying to think of something but can't. Debbie F.
Senior Market Research Scientist

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